The Choice Between Laminate and Hardwood Flooring

The Choice Between Laminate and Hardwood Flooring

There is a debate for many years that which type of flooring facility is most well-suited between laminated floors and hardwood flooring. The question is not a drawing room conversation but when a home owner is in the process of getting their house build they are face with the tough choice of choosing between the two options. Most construction companies would go in favor of the wooden flooring because this is the most expensive option out of the given two choices. However, the answer is not that simple after all.

The House of Floors

 All the house owners have the options to get laminate wood flooring in Dubai. Due to the abundance of flooring options it has become more common for the people of the region to be presented with many options for their flooring needs. The laminate wood is the imitation wooden alternative that is 100 percent synthetic. On one hand, it does not require deforestation. On the other hand, it could contribute in increasing the pollution by not being an easy material to get rid of after being disposed of its life cycle.

The average life cycle for laminate is around 10-20 years. On the other hand, the average life cycle for wooden floor is double. It is very easy to take care of laminate flooring with the simplest possible cleaning supplies. Daily mopping and sweeping is all it takes to take care of this product. On the other hand, it takes a lot of effort to maintain and clean the wooden surface.

 Only the manufacturers recommended cleaning agents can be applied on this surface to help out with the cleaning process. Therefore, the wooden floors are not only expensive to apply for the first time but they are also very expensive to maintain. The laminate floors cannot be sanded down at any given time since they are not made from real wood. On the other hand, the affected area on a wooden tile can be sanded down and polished to look better. The laminate floor is mostly even throughout its life span.

However, the wooden floor can become uneven due to sanding down and replacement. The wooden floor can also get easily damaged with water exposure and sun light. However, the laminate floor is mostly safe from this vice. It is possible to replace the wooden floor at any given time by removing some boards. However, with the laminate flooring this option is impossible in most cases. The small kitchen renovation project is most ideal with laminate flooring since it is water damage proof.

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