Are You Looking For a Personal Care Manufacturer?

Are You Looking For a Personal Care Manufacturer?

Choosing a personal care manufacturer is not an easy task. After all, you want to ensure the products you are using on your skin and hair are safe and effective. Unfortunately, many manufacturers will claim to sell the best skin or hair care products but when you actually get the products you purchase, they are filled with harsh chemicals that can do more harm than good. When choosing a personal care product, consider what the ingredients in the formulations are and how they will affect you. If a company has a long list of chemicals commonly used in personal-care formulas, steer clear of their products.

One of the first things to look for is a personal care manufacturer that does not have a manufacturing facility located within the UAE. Though the UAE has stringent regulations regarding the importing of chemicals into the country, other countries will import chemicals, meaning that a lot of formulas from other countries can enter the country. Look for a personal care manufacturer that does not have a presence in the UAE. The country requires a specific amount of foreign ingredients to be exported each year, the beauty industry is pressured by the government not to lower these standards in order to keep manufacturing fees down.

Another important indicator of a quality personal care company is if they do not use the terms “natural” and “organic” in their marketing or in their formulas. The word “natural” and “organic” is often times used by cosmetic manufacturers in order to create a sense of wellness and purity in their skin care products. However, these terms are often deceptive, because most chemical-based ingredients found in cosmetics are synthetic and man-made. By using the term “natural” and “organic”, these companies can circumvent stricter regulations regarding cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

A final indicator of a quality personal care product is if they contract with an external, independent manufacturing company. Most major cosmetic corporations work with one or two external manufacturing firms. The major reason for this is to control costs. Contracting with outside firms allows the corporation to retain control of the quality, purity, and consistency of the formulas being produced. As a result, the formulas produced by these third-party firms often have far fewer complications associated with them than those that come from the inside.

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