Benefits of using natural attar

Benefits of using natural attar

While there are dozens of men’s perfumes in the world, but attars are the first choice for men as compare to perfumes especially in Islamic states. These fragrances are considered to be the best gifts for loved ones in Arab countries. Attars not only represent royalty but also have a sweet smell that attracts people. No other perfume can stay longer to the skin than attar. Oudh, Mogra, and Jasmine are one of the best attars in Dubai that are easily available in the market. Read the following reasons why using attar is better than perfume.

Natural ingredients: 

The primary reason to use attar than perfumes is that they are made of natural ingredients that contain a sweet smell. However, when you use synthetic perfumes, it affects your body and can be allergic to you. Some synthetic fragrances are harmful to sensitive skin and cause many diseases. Moreover, artificial scents are also dangerous for people with asthma or other breathing issues. On the other hand, natural perfumes are not harmful to the body’s skin and provide a natural scent.

Healthy for the environment:

Another significant reason to use attar is they do not affect the environment. Attars are not only healthy for your life but also beneficial for the environment. Making process of attars is different from artificial perfumes. Synthetic perfumes are made of such ingredients that can affect the environment, but the preparation of attars does not affect nature.

You have a long-lasting scent:

The best thing about natural scents is they stay on your skin for longer than artificial fragrances. These scents have a better fragrance, and keep you fresh all day with their sweet smell. The reason behind it is that lots of flowers are used to make natural scents with particular oil that ensures to maintain its fragrance for longer. Whereas, in synthetic fragrances, certain chemicals and compounds are used by companies.

Free from animal ingredients:

The benefit of using attars is they are free from animal ingredients and don’t contain synthetic chemicals. In synthetic fragrance, plenty of musks and phthalates are mixed in artificial perfume production, which comes from animals. This thing represents the cruelty towards an animal.

Value your money:

Undoubtedly, attars are much expensive than perfumes, but these scents value your money.

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