Drawbacks of online cloth shopping

Drawbacks of online cloth shopping

Online cloth shopping is growing immensely. People give preference to online cloth shopping on top of offline cloth shopping. The reason to this is that online cloth shopping gives convenience, range of different items in a single place and also many offers are given. Although online cloth shopping has a number of benefits, it still has some drawbacks. There are some complaints that people have when they do online cloth shopping. They come across a lot of problems when doing online cloth shopping. So, today some drawbacks of online cloth shopping will be discussed in this article.

Waiting for delivery: The advantage of online cloth shopping is that you usually buy the clothes you like in maximum fifteen to twenty minutes. But, along with it there is a drawback which is that you have to wait five to seven days in order to get your parcel. This is quite frustrating because people are very eager to receive their packages. Moreover, it also happens that the item you have ordered gets lost, bypasses, destroyed or sent to the incorrect address.

Returning issue: Although the opportunity of returning the product is quite great but in online cloth shopping, it can be a bit confusing. This is so because every brand or company has their own return policy. In some cases of returning the item, you have to pay for the returning of the item. For instance, if you are returning an item, you won’t be given the shipping costs that you had given before.

No bargaining: Some people really like bargaining when shopping for women’s clothing online UAE. But, in online cloth shopping, this cannot be done. In online cloth shopping, people get discounts and offers but bargaining is very much different from it. You can do no bargaining which is quite a loss of course.

No interaction: When doing offline cloth shopping, salesman give proper attention to the people who go the shops and tell them specifications related to the product. If a person has any issue or query, then it can be solved right away. With online cloth shopping, this is not the situation that occurs. You just have to see the picture of the product and read the details related to it when purchasing electronics in Dubai online and you have to buy the product on the basis of that only.