How to Hire Employees for a Cake Shop

How to Hire Employees for a Cake Shop

Baking a cake is not a child’s game. Some people think that if someone masters this skill, then there should be no error. But it is just like all the things in the world that can be imperfect. And if a cake is ruined at any stage of the baking or making then there is no turning back and you have to do it all over again and hence, creating the best cakes in Sharjah is not easy at all. This also comes to the point that you have to make sure that the employees you hire do the best job and they make no room errors as well.

Let us say that you have to hire a baker that makes the best graduation cake in Sharjah, and he or she messes a thing that is not noticeable, still the cake will not be sent because if someone notices it, it can become a nightmare for the cake shop. And it will bring a bad name to the brand as well. This also means that hiring staff for a cake shop is not easy at all. And if you have opened a cake shop and you need some hiring tips then keep reading to get enlightened.

General Manager: to hire a general manager, you must know that he or she will demand a salary package of 15000 AED and he or she should know how to schedule staff, should know how to order supplies and representing the cake shop.

Baker or Chef: this will be the main person of the cake shop and he or she will be taking about 20 dollars for an hour and they should have experience in baking, worked in a reputable cake shop, has made a portfolio, knows how to handle assistant chefs and bakers, knows how to operate baking machinery and comes up with new baking ideas.

Receptionist: this the person who will be paid with 11 dollars per hour and he or she must know how to handle customers, how to make bills, how to answer questions and do small tasks around the shop.

Kitchen Assistant: this is the person who you will be paying 8 dollars per hour and he or she must know how mix ingredients, preparing the ovens, making doughs and doing whatever the senior chef or bakers tells them to.