Performance of car tyres

Performance of car tyres

Tyres of a car are the most significant as well as neglected part of the car. Here are some factors which influence the performance of car tyres Dubai. Make sure to look at those factors and save the tyres of your car from any kind of damage.

Over or less inflation

If, for instance, the tyres of a car have not been inflated in accordance with the prescribed pressure then the quality and condition of the tyre will be affected and it will set off as inappropriate and unnecessary. If the inflation is lower than the prescribed pressure or of the inflation is higher than the prescribed pressure then it will affect the duration of the tyre.

Spinning of the tyre

For the ideal life of the tyre, rotation or spinning of the tyre is highly suggested in order to get an even and constant tread wear of the tyre. The working should be done according to the prescription and suggestions of the manufacturers.

Effect of weather

Constructional longevity or distance is impacted by the difference in the weather or by the alteration of weather such as humid and warm weather in the summer time and chilly weather in the winter time.

Wheel balancing

In the process of wheel balancing, tyres of a car are made steady and balanced by placing loads on the tyres in order to prevent weighty places. For the comfort and easiness of driving, safe and increased life of the tyre, wheel balancing is very much important necessary.

Weight on vehicle

Uneven and non-uniform placement of weight can be cause of unbalanced load in few tyres that can lead to unrepairable damage.

Quality of road

The conditions upon which the tyres of a car run and also the speed impacts the life span of the tyres most importantly for instance the roads that are broken or cracked or the surface of the road which is rough or mountainous roads, etc.


Driving constantly on elevated speeds can be a cause of decreased stiffness or rigidity of the tyre because of the extra warming up of rubber that would consequently result to higher tyre wear or destruction because rubber is considered as an insulator of heat, therefore, it will hold on to it.

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