Types of cakes

Types of cakes

It is very difficult to find someone who does not like a good freshly baked cake. All of us have our personal favorites. But have we ever wondered about the different types of cakes. In this article we will be telling you about all the different types of cakes that are available in the market for the best cake delivery in Sharjah.

Yellow butter cake

Yellow butter cakes are typically made by skimming the sugar and butter combined (in today’s world, this is done with a hand blender) before combining the dry and wet components, although there are “dump” variants in which all of the components are dumped into yet another bowl and simply combined altogether.

Pound cake

This cake, so named because it’s baked with a pound of every one of the primary ingredients (flour, butter, and sugar), does not really puff much when baking and has a fine texture. Our version contains cocoa and unsweetened chocolate, whereas traditional versions use only vanilla extract to sweeten it. Bake one of these delectable treats in a loaf or Bundt pan.

Red velvet cake

Red velvet cake is a classic in is the usual favorite of people in the south. The hue of red velvet cake, which is made with either butter or oil, is traditionally caused by the interaction of buttermilk and cocoa powder. In modern variations, this color is often achieved by using red food dye, or, in the case of the raspberry velvet cake, by using raspberry puree. Its rich red color is the reason behind the attraction that it gives to people.

Carrot cake

This shorter cake is infused with baking soda and baking powder and utilizes oil as its major fat instead of butter. The inclusion of sliced carrots adds volume to the cake. Carrot cake is spiced with toasty spices and topped with a creamy cream cheese icing. You can also add pecans and walnuts but that is completely optional.

Sponge cake

This is a foam-style cake made without the use of any baking powder or baking soda. It rises entirely from the whipped eggs, either whole eggs or just egg whites. This cake responds well to soaking in flavored syrup.

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