How SEO companies make money

According to the latest business magazine, if you opened a digital agency today, you will make more than a million dirhams within a year. Every company dream of making tons of cash and all employees work day and night for that title and a picture on the board and the commission and the bonus. Opening this business will not be an easy task but it will be worth of your time and the effort you put in. As you will be helping people make money, you will be making more money and some really strong public relations in the market.

If you want to the company to be the top SEO company in the world, there will be a lot of work to do. You will have to come up with lot of different strategies. Some will fail and some will work for lifetime. You might need to hire some of the best SEO experts and you will need to do a lot of SEO for your website and social media pages as well. But we want to tip you about somethings that will help in generating more ideas of making money with you SEO company.

  1. If you are unable to get a client for quiet a while now then there is a way of making money with SEO and that is by selling your skills at different websites like Fiverr, Upwork, and there are many more like that. You might as well find a potential client from there who will want to work with you for years.
  2. If you have been having a difficult time in finding a good client who needs full SEO services then you can sell services separately. For example, you can put up an ad for selling SEO powered content writing, graphic designing, website auditing and whatever skills you have.
  3. If the above two options don’t make you enough money, then you can try to sell whatever you know. Meaning to say that you can sell courses of SEO online.
  4. If you think that teaching should be free then you should open a YouTube channel and teach all about SEO and get your channel monetized and start making money.
  5. The best way to make money is by working on affiliate programs an collaborate with different sites.